Advisory Roles

David Wood has had several advisory roles with third party companies and organisations. He has helped a diverse range of executives, from the MD’s of private and publicly traded companies, to the CEO of a company that floated, and the Chairman of a bank.

Much of this third party work has been related to the operation, management, strategy, exploitation, acquisition, divestment, and valuation of intellectual property; in respect of content royalties, rights management, patents, and trademarks.

Although David has predominantly worked with entities that have financial and intellectual property interests in the UK, Western Europe, US and Asia; he has also worked on projects where the interests have been in former state-owned enterprises that went through privatization in Eastern Europe, or voucher privatization in Russia.

David’s involvements have included:
– Working within a small team on design patent law in technology
– The potential commercialisation of former soviet state All-Union radio official network intellectual property recorded under Gosteleradio
– A five year involvement (2000 to December 2005) in the mobile entertainment company Monstermob that celebrated £19 million first year sales, and a 2003 £32+ million market cap floatation on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

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