Collard & Collard

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Collard & Collard Pianos are manufactured by the World renowned piano builders Pearl River Piano Group who have historic manufacturing connections with the likes of Yamaha, Steinway, and have a 90% share ownership of Schimmel Pianos Germany [as of Jan 2016].

Collard & Collard pianos now benefit from world-class design and high-quality parts. They celebrate the fact that our pianos are ‘not handmade’ as they benefit from state-of-the-art manufacturing processes resulting in pianos that are consistant, precise and exactly how the designer wanted them to be.

Collard & Collard offer two contrasting upright pianos. The Collard & Collard U122 is a professional upright piano – in black polyester with chrome fittings – is a wonderful professional 122cm tall traditional cabinet instrument that has been designed for pianists who demand the highest standards of tone, touch and durability for heavy professional use. The Collard & Collard U110 is a small compact piano – in black polyester with chrome fittings – that offers a contemporary styled small low profile compact design. Both pianos offer great design, construction and fabulous value for money

David Wood’s involvement with ‘Collard & Collard’ began in 2002. Collard & Collard Pianos is wholly owned by David and the IPO trademark mark number is UK00002333322.

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