Declaration to Stakeholders

David Wood believes that sometimes a ‘declaration to stakeholders’ is the best way to answer those questions that stakeholders would love to ask, but do not out of politeness. So in the interest of transparency:

– David is an incument member of the Institute of Directors (membership number 3145044).

– David is an incument Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (fellowship number 6015749).

– David is an incumbent Leader in Residence at the University of Central Lancashire faculty of culture and the creative industries.

– David does not have any criminal convictions (either spent or unspent).

– David has not been a bankrupt (either discharged or undischarged).

– David has not been disqualified from being a director of any company (by either court order or voluntary undertaking).

– David is an incument director of Promenade Music Limited (company number 09810805).

– David is an incument director of Faith & Hope Records Limited (company number 03463423).

– David holds a W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting with the IRS, the US Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

– David has Financial Conduct Authority approval for CF8 apportionment and oversight-controlled function responsibility and – through Promenade Music – I am the principal for both the FCA’s regulatory processes system Connect and their regulatory reporting system Gabriel.

– David has never drank alcohol, never taken illegal drugs, never smoked, and never gambled (but occasionlly buy a national lottery ticket).

– David is not a member of a political party or of a political organisation.

– David is not a local or regional government representative.

– David holds a UK driving licence.

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