DMR Recordings

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Since 1997, DMR Recordings has undertaken digital mobile recordings in a location of our clients choice.

DMR Recordings have built a reputation for location recordings and at the heart of their service lies a commitment to deliver the kind of product that musicians and ensembles expect from a fully transportable, state of the art digital recording system producing fully multi-mic’d, recorded, mixed and mastered recordings.

DMR Recordings include a diverse range of artistes including: The Animals II; BC Sweet; Redding, Coghlan and Bell Band; Kendal K Shoes Male Voice Choir; Eddie Allan; The Hustle; Max Takano; Langley Band; Chapel-en-le-Frith Male Voice Choir; Morecambe Brass Band; Nic Cooper; Peter Holt; Subaqwa; Mill Theatre Company; Chase Terrace High School; Dave Newton; Tin Pan Alley; The Bottlenecks; Steeton Male Voice Choir, etc.

DMR Recordings offers clients either a ‘Recording Only Service’ or a ‘Recording & Manufacturing Service’.

DMR Recordings record a whole range of musicians and ensembles including – brass, military and wind bands – choirs and vocal ensembles – school and community projects – orchestral and chamer ensembles – swing, jazz and big bands – folk groups and trad bands – club and cabaret acts – singers and songwriters – solo musicians and instrumentalists – rock and blues bands.

David Wood’s involvement with ‘DMR Digital Mobile Recordings’ began when he founded it in 1997. DMR Digital Mobile Recordings is now a business cell of the diversified music business ‘Promenade Music Limited’ [Company number 09810805] of which David is the Founder, CEO and sole shareholder.

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