Music on the Adverts of World Leading Brands

Faith & Hope tracks feature on the adverts for:

Volkswagen VW Golf GTi (The ‘Gene Kelly’ Ad)
Hugo Boss Pure Purple
Mentos Air Action
Kellogg’s Cornflakes
Nokia 6230 Phone (need to go to 58 mins 06 secs).Toyota (Canada)
– AT&T
– Honda
– Vodaphone
– Jaguar
– Mars
– Toyota
– BBC Radio 1’s TV campaign.

Mint Royale’s music also features on the adverts for:
Super Bowl with Willem Dafoe
AEG Appliances
Indeed Job Site
Asda (mnemonic and additional production)
Currys PC World
BBC One Trailer
Sony Internet TV
Nike (reworked track to picture, sound design)
Heineken (reworked and remixed track to picture)
New York City Tourism
Nike World Cup

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