Intellectual Property

David has interests in a range of intellectual property. He co-owns a catalogue of copyrights he and his Faith & Hope co-founder Neil Claxton built that include chart hits – including a #1 – and some of these copyrights have been used on hollywood films, television programmes globally, the adverts of World leading brands, and prominent compilation albums. David’s portfolio of intellectual property also includes the sole ownership of twelve UK trade marks that are registered – in the trade mark class that the products relate to – with the Intellectual Property Office, who are the official government body responsible for intellectual property rights in the United Kingdom.

Charles Howes & Son
Charles Howes & Son Pianos was established by the former mayor of Morecambe – Charles Howes – when he established a music retail and piano manufacturing business (with his father Joseph) in 1890. Today, Charles Howes offers pianos and a range of piano stools made in China. David Wood’s involvement with Charles Howes & Son pianos began in 1990. Charles Howes & Son is wholly owned by David. IPO trademark mark number UK00003647257.

For over forty years, beautiful classical and flamenco guitars have been crafted by the luthiers who make Mendieta guitars in a small studio workshop in Valencia, Spain. Their range consists of the Estudiante, Estudio, Conservatoire, Artizan and Professional model classical guitars plus a range of flamenco guitars. These different series all have different models providing players with fine craftsmanship and a range of guitars that have different woods, tonal characteristics and price points to satisfy all players desires. David Wood’s involvement with ‘Mendieta Guitars’ began in 1997. Mendieta Guitars is wholly owned by David and the IPO trademark mark number is UK00003613670.

Based in the UK, Beverley offer drum and percussion products that are made in both the UK and Taiwan. Made in the North of England, Beverley Mallets offer percussionists a range of handmade professional quality mallets that are all made by our artisan mallet maker. Made in Taiwan, Beverley Drum kits, snare drums, hardware and percussion are designed to achieve great value for money using quality materials and precision manufacturing. We offer OEM manufacturing. David Wood’s involvement with ‘Beverley’ began in 2000. Beverley is wholly owned by David and the IPO trademark mark number is UK00002242746.

In the UK, Levin offer a range of electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, electro acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjo, ukuleles, and handmade musical instrument straps. Levin offer an excellent range of electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, electro acoustic guitars, mandolins, and a banjo that are all anglo designed and built in Asia. Levin straps are comfortable to wear, durable yet stylish, fantastic value for money, and British made! Made in the north west of England, Levin straps are handmade from the finest of leathers; so if you love and value excellent craftsmanship combined with superb quality materials, you’ll love the Levin strap range. Levin ukuleles are made in Huizhou, which is situated at the Northeastern end of the Pearl River Delta. David Wood has owned the Levin trademark since 2001. The IPO trademark mark number is UK00002260932.

Arena offer an affordable range of microphones, cables, and accessories that are designed in the USA and built in China to meet the needs of the amateur and professional musician alike; and a range of professional stands and that are made in Kluczbork [Poland]. David Wood’s involvement with Arena began in 2001. Arena is wholly owned by David and the IPO trademark mark number is UK00002260669.

Paris Woodwind
Paris Woodwind make a range woodwind instuments including saxophones, clarinets and flutes. The top of the range ‘Artiste Pro’ models are high-end intermediate instruments, the ‘Artiste’ models are designed for the intermediate players, and the ‘Debut’ is the entry level instrument and is specially designed to meet the challenges of a student player. David Wood’s involvement with Paris Woodwind’began in 2001. Paris Woodwind is wholly owned by David and the IPO trademark mark number is UK00003647288.

Collard & Collard
Collard & Collard piano stools – Made in England – offer high-quality handmade English piano stools, that complement contemporary, traditional and digital pianos, are expertly crafted by our stool maker Dean Watts who has built our fixed leg stools since 1999. Collard & Collard upright pianos – Made in China – benefit from world-class design and high-quality parts and are manufactured by the World renowned piano builders Pearl River Piano Group who have historic manufacturing connections with the likes of Yamaha, Steinway, and have a 90% share ownership of Schimmel Pianos Germany [as of Jan 2016]. David Wood’s involvement with ‘Collard & Collard’ began in 2002. Collard & Collard Pianos is wholly owned by David and the IPO trademark mark number is UK00002333322.

ResoVille Resonator Guitars offer players an extensive range of hand-crafted resophonic guitars that are built by some of the World’s finest specialist resophonic luthiers. Every ResoVille is expertly made by a small team of master luthiers, who have many years of experience building fabulous resophonic guitars and have been inspired by the National and Dobro designs of the late 1920’s. Bordering the Huangpu River, the workshop is in the North-Eastern part of downtown Shanghai; and not too far away from the beautiful historical waterfront tourist attraction of ‘The Bund’, and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in Yangpu. David Wood’s involvement with ResoVille Guitars began when he founded it in 2014. ResoVille is wholly owned by David and the IPO trademark mark number is UK00003647247.

Shindo offer a range of violins that are desinged for student players. David’s involvement with Shindo began in 2018.

Glenlaw Cables are a specialist UK-based custom cable maker that designs and hand builds great-sounding high specification cables reliable for both studio and live musicians. They supply lush, clear sounding cables that can endure the rigours of the road. Cables made include the Glenlaw custom specification FullHz instrument cable for full range frequencies, and LowHz instrument cable for lower range frequencies, plus a range of Glenlaw patch, speaker, and microphone cables. David Wood’s involvement with ‘Glenlaw Cables’ began in 2021. Glenlaw Cables is wholly owned by David and the IPO trademark mark number is UK00003770205.

Briggs offer a wonderful range of handmade violins that are made from high quality selected aged Itallian solid spruce tops and European Bosnian Maple. David’s involvement with Briggs began in 2021.

Moretti offer a range of accordions. David’s involvement with Briggs began in 2022.

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