David Wood has been fortunate to have had several life-changing mentors and influencers. They include: Peter Parkes, Edmond Safra, Denis Forman, Keith Harris, Doug D’Arcy, and Anthony Wilson.

David initially met the late Major Peter Parkes [1928-2011] in 1983, whilst studying at Huddersfield. Peter was an award-winning brass conductor and director of music of both the Royal Engineers and Grenadier Guards.

David initially met the late Edmond J. Safra [1932-1999] in 1984, through playing at his various homes. Edmond was one of the most accomplished bankers in history, the ex-chairman of Safra Republic Holdings, the founder of Republic National Bank, the founder of Trade Development Bank, the co-founder of Banco Safra, and co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management.

David initially met the late Sir Denis Forman OBE [1917-2013] in 1986, after establishing St Aubyns Sound Recordings. Sir Denis was chairman of Granada television, deputy chairman of the Royal Opera House and council member of the Royal Northern College of Music.

David initially met Keith James Harris in 1984, when Keith was managing a music retail business in Morecambe. Keith became the general manager of David’s business Promenade Music in 1989, and ran it for circa twenty-five years until his retirement.

David can’t quite remember when he initially met Doug D’Arcy. Doug was the president of Chrysalis Records International, director of Chrysalis Group Limited, co-founder of the Association of Independent Music, and co-shareholder in the Faith & Hope record label (with David).

David initially met the late Anthonh H. Wilson [1950-2007] in 1990 through the Manchester music scene. Tony was a broadcaster, co-founder of Factory Records, and co-founder of Manchester’s Hacienda nightclub.

As a child, David’s grandmother Daisy had a massive influence on my childhood.

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