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The ISM Trust
David Wood is a ‘friend of the ISM Trust​’ which is the Independent Society of Musicians’ sister charity. The trust was created in 2014 to advance education, the arts, and to promote health. Its primary focus is to deliver high quality professional development by leading practitioners from the ISM and also in partnership with other organisations.

The ISM Trust are dedicated to creating pioneering resources to support music and all those who work in the sector including music educators, performers, and composers and delivers our work through webinars, regional seminars, training events and advice packs.

ISM Trust resources – notably the Primary Music Toolkit – was the winner of the 2019 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence in Primary / Early Years music.

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The Independent Society of Musicians – also known as ISM – is the UK’s largest representative non-union body for musicians and a nationally recognised subject association for music. They are financially independent with no political affiliation and currently have over 11,000 members across the UK and Ireland.

Since 1882, they have been dedicated to promoting the importance of music and supporting those working in the music profession. ISM members come from all areas of the music industry, and from a wide variety of genres and musical backgrounds. This includes those who are studying and starting out, as well as those with established, multi-faceted careers in the industry.

The ISM campaigns tirelessly in support of musicians’ rights, music education, diversity, sustainability and the needs of the profession; and their independence allows them the freedom to campaign on any issue affecting musicians, and to work alongside politicians, people and organisations to make change happen. The ISM was named ‘Individual Member Association of the Year’ at the UK Association Awards 2021.

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