ResoVille Guitars

ResoVille Guitars are inspired by the life’s work of the Slovak-American stringed instrument genius John Dopyera who founded both the National and Dobro resonator guitar companies and who’s late 1920’s designs influence the ResoVille resophonic guitars of today. The workshop borders the Huangpu River in the North-Eastern part of downtown Shanghai, not too far away from the beautiful historical waterfront tourist attraction of ‘The Bund’, and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in Yangpu.

Every ResoVille is handmade, and the range includes:
Metal Body Single Cone Round Neck Models
Stamford (14 Fret), Parkville (12 Fret), Arlington (12 Fret Grid Hole Parlor)

Metal Body Tricone Round Neck Models
Riverdale (14 Fret Cutaway), Riverdale Lefty (14 Fret Cutaway), Burbank (12 Fret)

Wooden Body Single Cone Round Neck Models
Davenport (14 Fret), Edgewood (12 fret), Lincolnwood (12 Fret 1929 Style)

Wooden Body Tricone Round Neck Model
Silverton (12 Fret Grid Hole)

Wooden Body Square Neck Spider Cone Model
Hazelton (14 Fret)

Ukulele Biscuit Bridge Model
Weeki Wachee (12 Fret)

Mandolin Biscuit Bridge Model
Burlington (12 Fret)

David’s involvement with ResoVille began in 2014 and he wholly owns it.