Mendieta Classical Guitars

For over forty years, beautiful classical and flamenco guitars have been hand crafted by the luthiers who make Mendieta guitars in a small studio workshop in Valencia, Spain. David Wood’s involvement with Mendieta began in 1997 and he is now the sole-owner of Mendieta and its trade mark (UK00003613670).

The Mendieta model range consists of the Estudiante, Estudio, Conservatoire, Artizan and Professional series classical guitars as well as a range of flamenco guitars. These six distinctly different series of hand crafted instruments provide players with fine craftsmanship and a range of guitars that have different woods, tonal characteristics and price points.

The Estudiante series are suitable for beginners. They feature laminated cedar tops and etimoe back and sides and rosewood fingerboards. Available as full size instruments, with 3/4 options available, these instruments provide an affordable route into the world of handmade Spanish guitars.

The Estudio series guitars are amongst the finest student classical guitars made in Spain. Estudio models have solid cedar tops, rosewood fingerboards and various sapele mahogany and walnut back and sides.

The Conservatoire Series guitars are made for players who want a high specification guitar. All models have solid cedar tops, ebony fingerboards and a range of rosewood back and sides from various parts of the world.

The Artizan series gives the luthiers the chance to build with none traditional body materials such as Ziricote, Cocobolo, White Ebony, Green Ebony and Red Gum. These guitars are unique in that no two are the same, even in the same series.

The Professional series guitars are only available in the traditional full body style and are made by our most senior and experienced luthiers for the purist. They have carefully selected all solid woods which are meticulously tested and examined for tone and appearance.

The Flamenco series are all traditional light weight Andalucian style flamenco guitars. All models have our specially developed bracing found exclusively in this series and offer solid spruce tops (except the Estudiante model) and cypress back and sides.