Glenlaw Cables are a specialist UK-based custom cable maker that designs and hand builds great-sounding high specification cables reliable for both studio and live musicians. They supply lush, clear sounding cables that can endure the rigours of the road.

Cables made include the Glenlaw custom specification FullHz instrument cable for full range frequencies, and LowHz instrument cable for lower range frequencies, plus a range of Glenlaw patch, speaker, and microphone cables.

There are many factors that influence the efficiency, clarity, detail and build quality of a Glenlaw cable (including conductivity, wire gauge, copper content, type of copper, cable resistance, cable capacitance, RF shielding, cable length, solder, weave and so on) but the key to it all is the choice and mixture of components and the skill of the cable maker.

To produce a best-in-class cable that will suit the world’s most demanding musicians and technicians, Glenlaw have chosen every component individually and utilised only the finest manufacturing techniques.

Everything from the selection of the weave and bulk cable – which is from a specialist company in Germany that was founded by a classical musician and a world-renowned cable engineering leader – to the selection of the connectors and soldering products have all been carefully considered, analysed and tested.

David’s involvement with Glenlaw began in 2021 and he wholly owns it.