Lancaster Red Rose AODS Shows from 2020 onwards

Welcome to the page about the Lancaster Red Rose Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society Shows from 2020 onwards. Below is information about the musicals the society has staged / will stage in the 2020’s which include: No Show Due To Covid (2020); No Show Due To Covid (2021); The Little Mermaid (2022); Little Shop of Horrors (2023); Sweet Charity (2024).

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2024: Sweet Charity
To be staged in November 2024 at the Lancaster Grand Theatre. Exciting news! Lancaster Red Rose AODS will be staging the musical ‘Sweet Charity’ in November 2024.

This 1966 smash hit musical – with music by Cy Coleman, lyrics by Dorothy Fields and book by Neil Simon – has great songs and the original Broadway choreography was by Bob Fosse.

The stage musical was adapted for the big screen in 1969 which stars Shirley MacLaine (Charity) and John McMartin (Oscar Lindquist).

Musical numbers include hits like: Big Spender; If My Friends Could See Me Now; and The Rhythm of Life; as well as You Should See Yourself; Charity’s Soliloquy; Rich Man’s Frug; Too Many Tomorrows; There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This; I’m The Bravest Individual; Baby, Dream Your Dream; Sweet Charity; Where Am I Going?; I’m A Brass Band; I Love To Cry At Weddings.



2023: Little Shop of Horrors
Lancaster Red Rose AODS will be staging the musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ from 7th of November 2023 to 11th of November 2023 at the Lancaster Grand Theatre. This 1982 horror comedy musical – with music by Alan Menken and lyrics & book by Howard Ashman – follows a hapless florist shop worker who raises a plant that feeds on human blood and flesh.

The music’s in the style of early 60’s doo-wop rock and roll and include musical numbers like: Skid Row (Downtown); Da-Doo; Grow for Me; Ya Never Know; Somewhere That’s Green; Closed for Renovation; Dentist!; Mushnik and Son; Sudden Changes; Feed Me (Git It); Now (It’s Just the Gas); Call Back in the Morning; Suddenly, Seymour; Suppertime; The Meek Shall Inherit; Sominex/Suppertime II; Somewhere That’s Green.



2022: The Little Mermaid
The 2022 production of ‘The Little Mermaid’ was Lancaster Red Rose Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society’s 84th annual show. It was staged from Tuesday the 8th of November 2022 to Saturday the 12th of November 2022 at The Grand Theatre Lancaster.

The 2007 musical – with music by Alan Menken; lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater; and a book by Doug Wright – produced by Disney Theatrical and based on the animated 1989 Disney film of the same name which is based on the fairy tale written by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen which was first published in 1837.

It tells the story of a mermaid who dreams of the world above the sea and gives up her voice to find true love. The musical received its premiere in Denver in 2007 before transferring to Broadway in 2008.

Musical numbers include: Fathoms Below; Daughters of Triton; The World Above; Human Stuff; I Want the Good Times Back; Part of Your World; Storm at Sea; She’s in Love; Her Voice; Under the Sea; Sweet Child; Poor Unfortunate Souls; Positoovity; Beyond My Wildest Dreams; Les Poissons; One Step Closer; Kiss the Girl; If Only; The Contest.

2022 The Little Mermaid Production Team

Director: Vanessa Whittle; Musical Director: Joanna Jeffreys … Choreographers: Shannon Whittle and Vanessa Whittle … Rehearsal Pianist: Angela Potter … Lighting: Richard Prescott … Sound: Connected 4 Sound UK … Animation: Robert Darwen … Stage Manager: Peter Thompson … Ticket Secretaries: Sue Mason and Hayley Wainwright … Costumes: Molly Limpett’s Costume Hire and After Dark Murder Mystery Events … Wardrobe: Susan Mason … Scenery: Little Shop of Hires … Props: Kerry Hartin, Joanne Metcalfe and Suzanne Willey … Prompt: Victoria Muir and Karl Roe … Programme Design: Laura Bradley … Orchestra: (Keyboard 1) Angela Potter, (Keyboard 2) Rob Rainford, (Violin) Jill Jackson, (Bass) Jeff Widdowson, (Drums) Paul Sibbert, (Trumpet) Chris Andrews, (Reed 1) Sarah Lofthouse, (Reed 2) Liz Bateman.

2022 The Little Mermaid Cast
Ariel was played by Leigh Coggins: Pilot was played by Evan Davis: Prince Eric was played by Andrew Thompson; Grimsby was played by Steve Johnson; Flounder was played by Jessica Davies; Scuttle was played by Shannon Whittle; Windward was played by Evan Davis; Leeward was played by Alex Glen and Evie Muir; King Triton was played by Geoff Houghton; Sebastian was played by Andy Whttle; Aquata Pricess was played by Gabrielle Dams; Andrina / Pricess was played by Ruth Gardner; Arista / Pricess was played by Lily Stark; Atina / Pricess was played by Laura Bradley; Adella / Pricess was played by Zoe Naylor; Alana / Pricess was played by Jessica Titman; Flotsam was played by Becky Halpin; Jetsam was played by Jenny Gilpin; Ursula was played by Ashleigh Hartin; Chef Louis was played by Bob Bailey; Maid 1 was played by Donna Martin; Maid 2 was played by Charlotte Mason; Maid 3 was played by Christine Turner.
Adult Ensemble (Sailors, Seagulls, Creatures, Chefs)
Bob Bailey, Laura Bradley, Gabrielle Dams, Evan David, Ruth Gardner, Kerry Hartin, Don House, Phil Huddart, Donna Martin, Charlotte Mason, Joanne Metcalfe, Sarah Murby, Zoe Naylor, Lily Stark, Jessica Titman, Christine Turner, Millie Wainwright.
Team Thingamabob
Lily Dalton, Molly Drury, Alex Glen, Lily Longhorn, Eva Loynd, Evie Muir, Beth Shanks, Lola Tattersall. [Performed: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening]
Team Dinglehopper
Lily Dalton, Charlie Dingle, Alex Glen, Orla Hampsey, Sophie Mellonie, Evie Muir, Nicole Percival, Lola Tattersall. [Performed: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Matinee]

2022 Red Rose AODS Executive Committee for The Little Mermaid
Laura Bradley, Geoff Goult, Karen Loynd, Sue Mason, Natalie Mellonie, Sarah Pye, Gwen Riley, Sara Stark, Hayley Wainwright and Vanessa Whittle.

2022 Red Rose AODS First Aiders for The Little Mermaid
Bob Bailey, Gabrielle Dams, Becky Halpin, Sarah Murby, Duncan Ryan and Peter Thompson.

2022 Red Rose AODS Selection Committee for The Little Mermaid
Sharon Bell, Maureen Elliot, Geoff Houghton, Joanna Jeffreys, Sarah Pye and Vanessa Whittle.

2022 Red Rose AODS Life Members as of The Little Mermaid
Mrs M. Bull, Mrs S. Bargh, Mrs M. Davies, Mrs J. Dent, Mrs M. Elliot, Mrs D. Hough, Mr G. Houghton, Mr R. Wilson and Mr & Mrs S. Woodburn.

2022 Red Rose AODS Programme Advertisers for The Little Mermaid (in order of appearance in the programme)
Lancaster Red Rose Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society … Water Sculptures (water effects) … National Operatic and Dramatic Association … Morecambe Amateurs … TTT The Transformation Trainer (personal trainer) … Morecambe Warblers … Stars (trophies and engraving) … The Dance Hub (dance school) … LADOS … Dance & Leisurewear … Goulty’s Woodturning … After Dark Entertainment (adult panto) … [Back Cover] Promenade Music (musical instrument shop). The programme was printed by: Mayoh Press Ltd of Carnforth.



2021: No show
There was no show in 2021.

This was due to the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.



2020: No show
There was no show in 2020. This was due to the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.




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